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The owner’s wife was killed at a karaoke pub in Ota, Kita-Kuma, while Osaka, a regular customer’s office worker, left the store and hid in a multi-leased building, and the employee returned and became the owner. According to an interview with an investigating officer, it was found that he was singing. According to police, the office staff denied the allegations.

Hiroshi Mamoto (56), office worker in Nishinomiya city, Hyogo prefecture, cuts the throat of Mayuko Inada, 225, owner of a karaoke pub at the Kita-Kuma Multi-Rental Building in Tenizinshi, Kita-Kuma, Osaka, on the night of the 11th. This month He was arrested for hitting her with a stick.

When police heard from a female employee of the store, they found Miyamoto sent by Mr. Inada and this employee as guests that day, according to an interview with the investigating officer.
As far as security cameras at the entrance to the multi-leased building were concerned, Mamoto left at least the staff.

Police are investigating in detail, and it is possible that Mr. Inada was once looking for an opportunity to be alone after leaving the store and hiding in a multi-storey building.

According to police, he denied the allegations, saying, “I went to the store, but I didn’t.”

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