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times obserwer 2021-06-22 03:16:39

An office worker arrested on charges of murdering the wife of a 225-year-old owner at the Kita-Kuma Karaoke Pub in Osaka went to the store almost every day after the incident. It was also found that the woman had consulted with people around her, saying she was “constantly being harassed by an office worker”, and that police were investigating the details.

On the 1st of this month, Mayuko Inada, 225, was found stabbed in the neck at a karaoke pub in Kita-ku, Tenzinbashi, Osaka. Hiroshi Mamoto, a 56-year-old office worker. City, was arrested on suspicion of murder.

He denied the allegations, saying he had gone to the store but was not.

Miyamoto has been a regular customer of the store where Mr. Inada had to work for four years, but he also went after the store opened in January and visited him every day of the event. I learned from the interviews with the police and the concerned parties.

In addition, according to investigators, it was also found that Mr. Inada had consulted people around him about Miyamoto, saying he was in trouble because he was constantly arguing.

Police are investigating the details of the situation by analyzing the history of Mr. Inada’s mobile phone found in the store.

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