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times obserwer 2021-06-22 03:19:27

In the context of the “School Assistance Program” where local government children and students at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic venues are located, will the government participate in the “School Assistance Program” when the government is a priority? Measures such as emergencies and prevention prevention: This shows that we are considering guidelines to decide whether or not to do so.

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic “school support program” is for local governments, etc., where the venue is located, gives tickets to children and students to watch the games, and has a program to participate in approximately 90,000 Olympics nationwide.

It found that the government was considering guidelines and said there needed to be criteria to determine whether the school side would participate when priority areas such as emergency declaration and prevention were in the area. Of spread ..

The draft guidelines, based on the opinion of the Games Organizing Committee, will prevent participation in areas with emergency declarations, and where priority measures will be taken for publicity, local governments will show a unified approach. It is decided in the area of ​​the field whether to participate or not, that each school board or school will participate.

In connection with the “School Assistance Watch Program”, many schools have stopped participating due to concerns about infection control measures for the new coronavirus, and I am working immediately to collect guidelines from the government to better implement infection control measures at the Tokyo Games. .

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