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times obserwer 2021-06-22 03:27:02

On December 1 last year, I started having cold-like symptoms.

My symptoms were mild, so while I was spending my time normally, the next day around noon the fever suddenly reached 400 degrees.

However it is said that commercially available antipyretics reduced the fever and there were no symptoms.

During this time, Mr. Zero used a “pulse oximeter” to check the value of oxygen in the blood, measured “oxygen saturation” and showed how much oxygen was taken, and consulted his doctor.

If I had bought it why was I inspected every day when I was hospitalized three years ago.

The normal value of oxygen saturation is %%% or higher, and according to the “Clinical Guide” of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, oxygen inhalation is required for 93 %% or less.

That night the value of zero had dropped to 88 88%.

When I told my doctor, he said, “This is the level that an ambulance can carry if it has nothing to do with the corona,” and he called an ambulance in a hurry.

Jiro Hachimitsu
“I wasn’t feeling so sick, so if I had measured my oxygen saturation, I would have slept like this. I often heard that I was communicating with the health center but the day before I did not contact. The next day “No? I am leaning as if I suddenly changed my physical condition. The pulse accelerator affected my destination. ”

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