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times obserwer 2021-06-22 13:40:11

A football and Myanmar national team player who refused to return to his home country, where the army is trying to stop civilians, applied for refugee status at the Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau on the 22nd.

Myanmar’s national team Pya Lan Aung, who arrived in Japan for the second qualifying round of the Soccer World Cup in Asia, showed his intention to oppose the army for constantly revolutionizing civilians in the game against Japan and will be punished. If he returns home I refuse to return home out of fear and leave the team.

On the 22nd, Mr. Pai Lianguo met with the Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau and a lawyer and Myanmar supporters in the Sumino ward of Osaka and applied for refugee status.

In addition, May also requested that Myanmar, which wants to stay in Japan, change their residence status to allow them to work due to special measures recently established by the government.

According to his agent, Yoshihiro Sorano, the application was accepted and Immigration officials indicated that they intended to interview Mr. Pie Lian Aung as soon as possible.

Advocate Sorano said: “If 100 people see him, 999 people think he is a refugee, so I think the immigration decision will be the same.”

Mr Pai Lian said, “I am confident that I will be able to apply for the status quo. I want to go home after calming down, but I want to stay in Japan for a while. You want approval. Refugee application. This is “

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