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Times Obserwer

times obserwer 2021-06-22 19:08:29

Professional baseball players Hiroshima, Seiya Suzuki and Masato Morishita, who have been appointed Japan’s representatives for the Tokyo Olympics, have reacted negatively to the new coronavirus vaccine. They took great care not to participate in pre-match practice.

In the 22nd pre-match practice against Yakul, she participated in the Suzuki Circle team from Hiroshima, was pulled lightly, then reached the bench and did not practice batting and defense.

Suzuki joined the bench but did not participate in the game and pitcher Morishita did not show up for practice.

The two have been nominated to represent Japan in baseball at the Tokyo Olympics, and according to the team, they were vaccinated with a new coronavirus on the 21st and had a reaction, so they paid close attention and went out of practice.

Director Shinji Sasaoka said he could not comment on the symptoms, adding that “pitcher Morishita is resting at home. I don’t have to take any kind of measures because this is my first time. Athletes also have bodies. In any case, look at the situation tomorrow. “

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